7 awesome new East Bay spots (including an ice cream sandwich shop!)

By Joe Starkey, thrillist.com

Tired of hanging out in The Mission and wanna spend some time in one of the actual hipster-est places in America? Well then hop on the BART (if it’s not on strike/broken/full of Raiders fans), and hit up one of these seven East Bay openings.

Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails – Alameda

Alameda’s gotten a new, huge waterfront Italian restaurant in the form of TKC with a 90-seat dining room, 30-seat bar, and 56-seat outdoor heated (thankgod) patio, from a former VP of Kitchen Ops at Il Fornaio (who oversaw 21 locations). They’ll be bringing attention to localized Italian fare, and will also be heavily using neighboring St. George Spirits’ for, well, spirits for their cocktail list.

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