Octopus specialty at Trabocco Restaurant
By Luke Tsai, East Bay Express – Trabocco brings the coastal cuisine of Abruzzo to a shopping center in Alameda. On an unseasonably warm April evening, Giuseppe Naccarelli is at our table talking about his grandmother’s baccala recipe — about how when he was a little boy in Abruzzo, his Read more »

Italy, By Land and Sea

Easter feast at Trabocco
In Italy they say “Natale con i tuoi. Pasqua con chi vuoi. (Christmas with your family. Easter with whomever you like)”. Come and enjoy a special Pasqua (Easter) feast at Trabocco, featuring suckling pig, pictured here being prepared by Giuseppe. Take a look at the special Easter menu here.

Easter Menu

7 awesome new East Bay spots (including an ice cream sandwich shop!) By Joe Starkey, Tired of hanging out in The Mission and wanna spend some time in one of the actual hipster-est places in America? Well then hop on the BART (if it’s not on strike/broken/full of Raiders Read more »